About our Farmers

Quinn Farms are John and Bonnie Quinn who produce asparagus, sweet corn, and wild blueberries. These founding members guide our co-op and also provide the herbs and tomatoes!

The Avant Gardener is Fenn Martin and Amberlee Boulton who specialize in garlic, broccoli, and sugar snap peas. These two part-time academics are deep into clay, critters and multispecies entanglements.

Six Maples Farm Alicia, Danny King and their family are 7th generation farmers who provide free-run eggs and meat options. SMF has just added a state-of-the- art, free-run hen facility in Addington Forks.

Introducing Marthas New Growers. This year, David Matheson and Meghan Johnny are providing almost everything that goes in the salad bowl.

We are currently farming at the Bethany garden while we continue the search for our forever farm. We have a strong passion for growing nutritious and high quality vegetables that feed our community and support a strong local economy. In the garden we use practices that support the local ecological systems, and nurture everything from soil microbes, insects, amphibians, birds, and humans. On our days off we are often at the beach with friends, knitting, or baking bread.