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Welcome to the 2022 Season!

Our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) food box is back for the 2022 season! We are celebrating the 7th season of our CSA. Thank you to all of you who have supported us and continue to support us! Since beginning the CSA in 2016, we have been sharing our freshest and finest locally grown produce with families in Antigonish and Guysborough Counties. We are proud of our community partnerships and our commitment to sustainable farming practices.

This year our food box offers 2 sizes of produce box and additional choices of both free-run eggs and frozen, grass-fed lean ground beef. (The food box prices are locked in, no matter what happens to the price of grocery store food.)

CSA Schedule:

The CSA runs for 20 weeks, starting Wednesday, June 1 to October 12, 2022. 

For anyone taking 1-2 weeks off during the summer season, there are 2 extra food boxes extending the season to October 26. Each week you will receive 4-7 items of in-season fruits and vegetables and/or free-run eggs and/or frozen grass-fed lean ground beef from our farms.


Crops offerings change as the seasons progress.

Early Season food boxes contain asparagus, rhubarb, spinach, lettuces, swiss chard, microgreens, strawberries, green onions, radishes, ...

Mid-Season boxes add snap peas, beans, zucchini, carrots, cabbage, broccoli, pok choy, potatoes, celery, cherry tomatoes, 

Late season crops include sweet corn, wild blueberries, onions, squashes, beets, pumpkins, field tomatoes, garlic, ...

and sometimes value-added products or Honey! (We always keep Honey as a back up plan in case there is a crop failure.)

Choosing your box:

First, you choose your box size of PRODUCE for the 20 weeks:

either the Basic Produce Box,  $20 worth of fruit and veggies each week, $400 for the season.

or     the Family Produce Box, $26 worth of fruit and veggies each week, $520 for the season. choose any OPTIONAL items you would like. Choose as many as you want!

   EGGS add eggs biweekly, $6 biweekly, $60 for the season.   

      or add eggs weekly, $6 per week, $120 for the season.

   BEEF  add beef biweekly, $6 biweekly, $60 for the season.

      or add beef weekly, $6 per week, $120 for the season.

Some examples:

If you want all produce, you only need eggs or beef occasionally......Family Produce Box, $520 for the season.

And you buy eggs or beef at the pop-up cash sales table at all food box distribution sites. 

If you want family produce and eggs every produce $520 + eggs weekly $120 = $640.  

You want some produce and eggs biweekly and beef biweekly.. basic produce $400 + eggs $60 + beef $60 = $520.

The eggs and beef would be in the box on alternate weeks.

If you have any questions about the choices or are ready to order, email for info.























COVID-19 Precautions:

We will distribute the produce outdoors with minimal physical contact to ensure everyone's safety. We also offer trunk pickups.

All our farmers and staff have up to date vaccinations. To reduce our use of plastic, paper bags, elastics, and cardboard will be used as much as possible. We encourage customers to return egg cartons and cardboard containers if they are re-useable.

Pick-Up Locations every Wednesday:

Antigonish Town:

Pick-up is 11:00am-2:00pm in the parking lot of the Federation of Agriculture, entrance is  James Street or Fairview St.


North Lochaber:

Pick-up is after 3:30pm at Quinn Farm, 1772 Highway 7.


Pick-up is at the Municipal Office Parking Lot, 8296 Highway 7, for an 1 hour time slot (TBA) or by delivery.

Sign Up:

If you want to sign up for the box, or would like more information, send an email to

We will be in contact.

E-transfers to are preferred. We also accept payment by cash or cheque, made out to Lochaber Growers. A single payment is due June 1. Or you can make 2 equal payments due June 1 and August 1.

Thank you again for all your enthusiastic support. We are happy to farm and share our produce with the community.

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